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The Den

by Freighter

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What the fuck is this shit up in my room? Mom and dad will be coming home soon. Barreling down Army and drifting to the left Neon petri brain dish culture culture fry in time lapse Ajax ajax borax lorax cat named Morris Mom’s Thesaurus Everything in the backseat just died This grocery list is finally my own Compadre, you friends with this guy? He’s making me weep Visine from my horse face hammerhead eye No one gets your fantasy state After 4pm this town is a sad and windy place I’m the all denim Elvis Or the scratch logo Elton I got John Cage’s brain But Don Knotts' cerebellum Gesture a salutation to passing cars Probably looks like more of a one-up Yes, ma'am I’m the all denim Elvis Or the scratch logo Elton I got John Cage’s brain But Don Knotts' cerebellum Work stress mop bucket tired fuck it End it but we do it again
Future Duke 03:16
Stuck in federal prison working for no wage But labor without pleasure makes us fate’s slaves A ceremony of garage doors touching down Burn the laundry claw the grass make a guttural sound Drag a folding chair into the middle of the court and greet the plaid executioner long noose too short Take the drainage ditch past the empty playground Fireworks at the convenience store rent a movie downtown Slurpin’ purple big gulp masked lumberjack on my cup Unlimited Jolt jolted off the spring board The pool people know clean the traps throw the latch at the tornado church Worshipping white noise personified named a Mordecai with a necrody eye Take the route not the path You know he's down there The obelisk with sequined pants The last dude at the party and the first one here Mood congruent fogged memory sleep is near Above ground pool worship You can't run it's no fun on these wood chips The blue wizard works it You're so done on these wood chips
Mealtime in this tick-infested state of mine I dine with mathematician Behind the eyeholes of this oil painting concrete and my superstition Dracula or some Romanian wartime goblin is eating with her More red wine more vodka more prime rib more bare chest more good times and scared girls You take his diary and read it in the fireplace the infantry has gone mad with long winded bearded face famine famine thunder buckle pilgrims hat women trouble abandoned man no hope no plan but marching orders vodka double Presto Change-o Friend-o
Don't eat the food because then we have to keep it She said it's just like me to always ruin the weekend Despicable individual and a slave to ritual I touch the finger divot between the hemispheres of my upper lip White trash ignition button hit Drive the lawnmower on rocks and I don't give a shit Self flagellate huff fog and I won't ever quit We spend long nights searching for my beloved shruti box Fantasy drives my macabre romantic walks I stare down at backlit feet Dutch sky under floor for days Roll your head back ceiling is plaster white capped waves I'm hot car death dad I'm not that rad Rock and a hard place? I'll get shit faced I lie and lie Just can't fake smiles Small goals are worthwhile Mosaic of shit tiles Rewind the tape on my fate You'll see I'm not so great The asphalt that frames up my house From little bones was baked So I'll use the shed for smoked meat tanning Use the den for TV/manning Like Rip Van Winkle steamrolled his life I'll hide out here without my wife I'm hot car death dad I'm not that rad Rock and a hard place? I'll get shit faced I lie and lie Still can't fake smiles A meaningless lifetime A piano from the sky
No melodies or reveries from maudlin dudes with weak knees Or dick strangling fantasies are hard enough to appease Scrawl it all on birch bark under leaves in outer dark This pen blends in with pitch black from French films I've learned that The donkey and the girl through labor are redeemed Stick around and do it right until you get it perfect Dress that wound Tap that dance Stick your nuts in a cocktail glass Neon gaslight work night you promised me breakfast I'm fucking tired Your fridge looks like white out my patience has expired it sucks dick Is this a casino or is this a foggy limbo Put it on the wall Frame it up Cause I suck Practice, you fuck Problem is you wrote the riff first Practiced it until my wrist hurt Pointless and arcane terrific nothing wrong with algebraic Make me famous anonymous and prolific Walking chemistry set a rat's nest of crossed wires and I am fucking tired Self obsessed perfection obnoxious and disliked but you tell me that The people that you know all say that I'm a nice asshole We are the ones who asked Draco to go harder With all the people's random tasks called to order The scythe is not what cuts the grass it's this blowtorch The den is just a portal to a red backporch
King Pigeon 03:59
I left the room to check my son's age now you've transmogrified to black plastic bags Garbage in space Unruly and linear like a trash meteor A totem of filth just like a pigeon Irregardless of your horse shit fluid form I keep a moisturized penis clean my ear down to the bone If you're a wolf then I'm a bear if you're a landfill then I'll be your excavator and I don't care Ain't it just like you to be like them and leave me time and time again ignoring all the ill advised wishes and death To assume a new shape no unity volcano on your wedding day The berserking internal savagery doesn't every transformation chase end in a tragedy And yeah there's truth in jest let's use the black and purple comforter to lay to rest You're a landfill, a pigeon, pelican, a fan of bird behavior in filth I'm a suntanned cleaner man I'll be your excavator Don't fucking care where you're running to or from you have no purchase here Metamorphosis into fish chum cleaner fish will keep the tank clear Human race garbage in space
Chimneys power lines weather vanes under green waves forget to breath a minute In a painting I see the same dream with an upside down person in it It's a flotsam jetsam quicksand new world old worth thing Where you're lock jawed sea foaming at the mouth shuffling dead ambling Salaried and all alone looking up from below an air traffic control tower It's paneled blue and green my brain can't handle anything it's throbbing and pulsing for hours Preoccupied with industrial products and nonsense symbolism Like a Christmas gorilla that's being harassed and driven Brain plummet Can I die from it? My stomach... Nurses office purchased raw fish bad luck death wish ejector switch In an empty office drifting off I see colors and a portal and an iridescent gasoline fish Two feet underwater with a fish that looks like me it has a set of human teeth Three feet underwater with a set of human teeth they're yellow black and green and pink Four feet underwater and I got a nosebleed acrylic paint and kerosene Five feet underwater in a body melting dream I'm swimming downward in debris Six feet underwater and inverted at the knee I'm looking up at grayish feet Seven feet underwater with a set of human feet there's a pilgrim's hat beneath the sea Eight feet underwater just a pilgrim's hat and me they wear them at the cemetery Ninth level of the cobblestone casino cemetery they're serving Filipino meats
Cimitero 03:24
Splendid fuck off reward yourself go be alone curmudgeon's home Looking up at an atmosphere overgrown that might cave my head in or pluck me for ascension A litany of shit too long and hard to mention A million little green rats eat my face with gold forks and dinner plates If you really treasure feeling let it gently evaporate into a small pond / a marsh / a brackish pool Let us sleep waking up is so hard to do Deal with it or you may be excused if you can exit you It'll explain itself if left to run and for your fantasy prone persona waking up is so hard to do The most exquisite lucidity.


On The Den, Freighter has created an album that’s engaging for metalheads and non- metalheads alike. Brutal, complex riffs and powerful vocals weave inside drums that explode with color and life. By eschewing a click track and maintaining continuous unedited drum takes, The Den places a priority on the humanity of the material, giving the production a warmth and bounce that is immediately captivating to all sorts of listeners. Ever-shifting time signatures, metric modulations, and microtonality are juxtaposed with deep grooves and progressive harmonies to lend a sense of unpredictability and unreliability, owing to the album’s thematic focus on the endless struggle with sleep - and the downstream effects of not getting enough of it.

“The Den is a reclusive (sometimes flamboyant), intuitive (not intellectual), folk art (not fine art). It was designed to be pure fantasy or fiction about sleep and misremembering. There is some OCD about organizing dreams, cataloguing human interactions, and exploring fantasy prone personalities. Essentially mental illness in music.” -Travis


released July 12, 2019

Freighter is:
Guitar / Vocals: Travis Andrews
Bass: Jason Braatz
Drums: Matthew Guggemos

Shakers on Presto Change-o; Glockenspiel on Cimitero: Andy Meyerson
Piano on Presto Change-o: Matt Lebofsky
Additional vocals on Presto Change-o: Will Greene
Toy piano on Hot Car Death Dad: Noah Luna

Produced by: Travis Andrews

Drums and bass recorded at 25th St Recording, Oakland CA
w/ Engineering by: John Smart

Mixed by: John Smart
Mastered by: Neato Mastering

Photographs by: Travis Andrews
Art and Layout by: Joseph Krilanovich

This album contains samples from freesound.org under CC-BY 3.0 ( creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ):
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Freighter California

Freighter is a technical progressive metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Founders and lifelong friends Travis Andrews (guitar / vocals) and Jason Braatz (bass) partner with drummer Matt Guggemos to form a power-trio that pulls from many varied disciplines and truly stands as a unique voice in modern metal. ... more

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